27 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-654

ANP, ANA achieve success in Kandahar operation

Afghan National Police officers load a fellow wounded officer into an Afghan National Army ambulance after the ANA safely transported the wounded officer from Ghowrak district (.Jpg/518kb)

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army, supported by ISAF, marked a significant step forward in a joint operation Nov. 24.

The Afghan National Security Forces demonstrated that they can work and cooperate together to achieve success.

During the operation, the Afghan National Army Air Corps flew a successful mission to support the relief in place of ANP at the Ghowrak district centre, Kandahar. The mission started in the early morning.

The first wave of two Mi-17 helicopters, carrying about 32 police officers and escorted by ISAF AH-64 attack helicopters, flew from Kandahar Airfield to Ghowrak. The AH-64s provided security around the landing zone while the police disembarked from the Mi-17. The Mi-17s then took six ANP officers, one of whom was injured, to KAF. Upon arrival at KAF, the injured officer was then evacuated by ANA ambulance for further treatment at the 205th Corps medical facility.

A second wave of about 15 ANP officers, along with supplies, was transported by Mi-17s to a landing zone that had been secured by the ANP. A further six ANP officers were picked up and returned to KAF.

“This mission was an excellent example of an ANSF-lead, joint operation supported by ISAF soldiers,” said Lieutenant Colonel Rankin, officer in charge of the ANSF affairs at Regional Command-South. “The cooperation spirit between ANA and ANP was the key to make this operation a success and lights the way for future joint action to achieve their common aim of defeating the insurgency in Afghanistan.”

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