27 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-648

Afghan company’s employees awarded as ‘heroic’

Massoud Amiri and representatives from Alpha Logistics pose for a photograph with their certificates of appreciation from U.S. Army Major Douglas LeVien from ISAF. Amiri’s company delivered 75 tons of steel more than 800 kilometres across Afghanistan to build the Bala Murghrab Bridge in Badghis province.

KABUL, Afghanistan — After coordinating a successful convoy of trucks hundreds of kilometres through winding roads across Afghanistan, the owner of a Kabul-based logistics company has earned more than just ISAF’s business.

“He’s a hero, and Afghanistan needs more people like him,” said Major Doug LeVien, speaking about Massoud Amiri, the owner of Alpha Logistics.

In November, Amiri led a convoy of 13 trucks more than 800 kilometres from Kabul to Bala Murghrab with material to build a bridge across the Bala Murghrab River. More than 20 companies turned down the contract to transport and build the bridge out of fear of insurgent forces lurking in the area.

“This bridge is important to the people of Afghanistan It’s important to the people in that area,” Amiri said. “It had to be built, and I wanted to make sure it happened. That’s why I accepted the contract.”

According to Amiri, members of the Taliban repeatedly called him on his cell phone warning him not to make the trip, even threatening him with his life.

It took the crew of 25 Alpha Logistic employees three days of driving to move the 75 tons of steel to the construction sight. For their efforts, officials from ISAF presented Amiri and representatives from his company with certificates of appreciation before an audience of his fellow Afghan contractors who do business with ISAF.

“I love my country, and I want to see good things happen here,” Amiri said. And one of those “good things” is now set in concrete and spanning the river.

“What these guys did was nothing short of amazing and heroic,” LeVien said. “These people are the future of this country.”

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