26 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-646

Farah governor distributes wheat to Bakwa farmers

FARAH, Afghanistan — Farmers and elders from Bakwa district gather here to collect the wheat seed and fertilizer donated by the Farah governor. Governor Rahool Amin donated the 50 tons of seed and 50 tons of fertilizer to show that the Afghan government is here to help them. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan — Farah Governor Rahool Amin recently donated 50 tons of wheat seed and 50 tons of fertilizer to the farmers of Bakwa district, all with the benefit of security provided by ISAF forces.

The addition of a sub-governor in Bakwa has stabilized the district so that the government can begin working with the residents once again. Since Labo Jaan became the sub-governor, reports indicate that security has improved and the people are beginning to have hope for the future.

Elders from Bakwa brought three trucks to Farah city to pick up the wheat, which will be distributed to farmers who refrain from growing poppy.

The Farah Farmer’s Cooperative will advise the farmers on planting procedures, when to irrigate and when to apply fertilizer.

Abdul Khali, a farmer, said that prior to the arrival of Labo Jaan most of the people had moved away because of bad security. “Now we are happy with Labo Jaan, and our lives are getting better,” he said.

Amin said he chose Bakwa for the wheat distribution because he wanted to show the people that the government is with them and for them.

“A lot of people called me from Bakwa and said they are very happy with the new sub-governor. They are happy that security is much better than in the past. The people are helping the security forces. The people are happy,” added Amin.

ISAF’s Regional Command-West’s spokesperson, Italian Captain Antonio Bernardo, said, “This is a very good initiative [towards] improving governance and the security in Afghanistan.”

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