24 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-640

Two civilians injured in traffic accident with ISAF vehicle

KABUL, Afghanistan (November 24) – A civilian motorcycle struck an International Security Assistance Force vehicle in Kunduz city today.

The driver of the motorcycle crashed into the ISAF vehicle while attempting to overtake the convoy. The driver of the motorcycle and his passenger were both injured. ISAF soldiers gave both of the injured civilians first aid. Afghan police then medevaced the accident victims to Kunduz hospital.

ISAF wishes to remind the public to adhere to all signals and warnings to slow down and stop when approaching ISAF convoys or patrols. These are standard procedures that ANSF and ISAF troops use throughout Afghanistan. Failing to follow the procedures when approaching convoys or patrols could be interpreted as a hostile act, or result in injuries to drivers.

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