23 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-637

ISAF soldiers help children in Deh Rawod, Oruzgan Province

DEH RAWOD, Afghanistan-- ISAF soldier recently distributed winter clothes to Afghan children. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan — Following the sudden onset of wintery conditions in the Deh Rawod region of Oruzgan, ISAF soldiers took advantage of recent donations to distribute warm clothing to local Afghan children.

“Every day, up to seventy children would come to the gate wearing clothes in poor condition that provided [very] limited protection from the harsh winter conditions,” said Captain Michel of the Tarin Kowt Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).

Both ISAF and civilian personnel of the Oruzgan base were deeply moved by the noticeable poverty within the region and were glad to provide the much-needed clothing for the children, it having been donated by NATO nations.

‘'Some of the ISAF soldiers [remain primarily] on the base and don't have much contact with the Afghan population. The distribution of winter clothing gave them the opportunity to meet Afghan children, and I can assure you that most were deeply touched,” added Captain Michel.

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