23 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-636

Multiple IED finds disrupt Insurgent Attacks after Joint Operation

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan National Security Forces, in conjunction with ISAF soldiers from 45 Commando Royal Marines recently unearthed a range of explosive devices in the Sangin Valley area of Helmand province.

During an operation against enemy forces in the area, a combination of ANSF and ISAF soldiers uncovered a selection of improvised explosive devices, mines, detonators, explosives, pressure pads and grenades.

“This substantial set of finds significantly weakens the Taliban’s capacity to conduct attacks against civilians, Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF troops in the area,” said Brigadier General Richard Blanchette, ISAF Spokesperson

“This find also highlights the Taliban’s indiscriminate use of violence: Once planted, these devices pose even more of a threat to civilians who live in the area as they do to the security forces.”

The Chief of Police for Helmand Province, Colonel Sherzadsaid, “The Taliban use these explosive devices indiscriminately. These devices are killing and injuring civilians and they affect the lives of ordinary Afghan men, women and children.

“The Afghan people must send a clear message to the enemies of Afghanistan that their extremist and violent ways will not succeed here. For their own safety and security, Afghans must inform the Afghan National Police and Army where devices are being laid.”

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