16 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-619

Afghan governors meet to discuss issues in RC south

TARIN KOWT, Afghanistan--Members of Afghan National Army provide security for a Governor's conference at Gov. Asadullah Hamdam's palace, Nov. 15, 2008. This is the second conference of its kind attended by the four Governors from the Regional Command South area and representatives from Afghanistan's capital city, Kabul. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghanistan’s four governors that sit within Regional Command (RC) South met with national and international ministry officials at the Governor’s palace in Tarin Kowt for the second Governor’s conference of its kind. Those present were Helmand’s Governor Gulab Mangal, Zabul’s Governor Dilbar Jan Arman, Kandahar’s Governor Rahmatullah Raufi and Uruzghan’s Governor Asadullah Hamdam.

Hosted by Governor Hamdam, the conference was held three months following the first one, a little later than the governors had originally hoped for. Plans and recommendations concerning security, governance, development and social outreach were brought to the table for discussion and action.  

“We would very much like to increase the number of Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police,” said Governor Raufi, citing some specific concerns in his region before the conference. “In particular, the (number of) ANP in Kandahar is not adequate. We need to increase the number of people there in order to dominate the area.” 

Raufi had many developmental concerns as well. Only three of the 17 districts in Kandahar have a developed infrastructure system, a problem he felt would remain without more vehicles and equipment.  

“Since I have assumed office, people are coming and asking for electricity,” Raufi continued. “The machines are in Dubai. Once we actually bring the machines here and activate them, we would be in a better position – not only to generate electricity, but also for industry. Once we establish industrial factories we will be able to provide employment for people and enhance the economy. Electricity is imperative for those.” 

Security and transportation for the Governors and officials was provided by the International Security Assistance Force. Task Force Uruzghan assisted the ANA and ANP in planning for the security they provided over the Governor’s Tarin Kowt premises.

According to Dutch Army Col. Kees Matthijssen, Commander of Task Force Uruzghan, having RC South’s governors speak directly to representatives from Kabul is the key to empowering provincial Governors and their leadership.  

“There have been some tough discussions of course, in terms of coordination of efforts and the further development of projects that haven’t been started yet. This is not always an easy process. There are a lot of factors which influence the situation,” said Matthijssen.

“This is the first time that a big event like this is has been a coordinated effort between the ANA and the ANP,” he said. “This is Afghan land and it’s important to have Afghan ownership up front.”

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