14 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-614

Borsboom takes command of stability operations

KABUL, Afghanistan - Rear Admiral Matthieu Borsboom took command Nov. 9 as ISAF’s senior officer in charge of stability operations.

In his new role, the admiral from the Royal Netherlands Navy is responsible for supporting stability operations, governance and development in Afghanistan.

One of his tasks is to oversee the Provisional Reconstruction Teams, which help extend the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Government’s reach by carrying out assistance programs to the civilian population.

In his function, he is also responsible for coordinating with the United Nations and non-governmental organisations to identify shortfalls and advise the ISAF commander.

“[Any] day I am not meeting with Afghanis it is a lost day,” Borsboom said. “We have to say first Afghan, secondly Afghan, thirdly Afghan, and then we think about other things. If it’s not about them, then why are we here?”

The Rear Admiral stressed governance and development are key for creating the conditions for stability around the country of Afghanistan.

“We have to have a government structure in place on all of the levels, not only the central level but the also the provincial level, district level and the village level,” said Borsboom, who originally joined the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1978.

Borsboom said he is looking forward to his year-long deployment to ISAF and is adamant about bringing more stability and governance.

“NATO and ISAF really want to make this change in stability,” Borsboom said with a smile, “and I am very proud that I got this position, and I will give everything to it.”

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