13 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-610

ISAF accidently injures civilian in Helmand

KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF accidently injured an Afghan civilian with a warning shot Nov. 12 in Sangin district, Helmand.

The injured man was hit by a single shot in the shoulder. An ISAF medical officer in the patrol provided medical care immediately, and the patrol provided him food and shelter overnight.

The ISAF troops involved were conducting a patrol to clear compounds of insurgents in the area. During the patrol they were engaged by small arms fire and RPGs, and it was believed that the unknown male, who was approaching the patrol and failing to stop when requested, was a suicide bomber.

ISAF regrets any injury to innocent civilians. The escalation of force procedures are designed to reduce the risk to innocent civilians as much as possible.

In this incident the man did not react to instructions. It is vital for their safety for civilians to react immediately to instructions from Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers.

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