10 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-603

Dutch engineers rebuild Forward Operating Base

Dutch Army soldiers with Alpha Company, 11th Air Mobile Brigade, leave Forward Operating Base Anar Juy

KABUL, Afghanistan - Approximately 10 Dutch Army Engineers with Alpha Company, 11th Air Mobile Brigade, completed the construction of Forward Operating Base Anar Juy to help improve the security in Deh Rawod, in Uruzgan Province, 18 October.

FOB Anar Juy, which was built in 12 days, is now manned by Afghan National Army soldiers and the French Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team.

 "There was some intelligence that there might have been some insurgent activity here," said Major Tabe, the Alpha Company commander. "Previously, this was an ANA post and it was in pretty bad condition, so we rebuilt it. The local nationals are very happy with the rebuilding of the post because they feel safer now."

According to Tabe, the Deh Rawod area is one of the new success stories in Afghanistan and is a good example to the rest of Uruzgan Province.

"It is a good situation right now, the local government is doing very well and the ANA and Afghan National Police are doing a really good job promoting security in the area," assured Tabe.

"The Afghans are getting more and more comfortable with the situation here and they are really starting to see the benefits associated with supporting the local government. Of course we are helping with that," he concluded.

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