08 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-601

ISAF soldiers bring joy to children

Captain Alie-Betty Bakker from Netherlands talks with some children from Shaid Sayed Phacha High School

KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF soldiers from the Regional Command-South headquarters at Kandahar Air Field gathered with the students of Shaid Sayed Phacha High School, 6 November.

The family members of ISAF soldiers have been sending games, dolls, pencils, colouring books and winter clothes for the Afghan children.

“This was my first contact with Afghan children,” said Capt Alie-Betty Bakker from The Netherlands. “It was a unique and emotional moment. The joy and smiles of those kids brought another dimension to my mission.”

Captain Vickie Smallwood from Great Britain poses with girls from Shaid Sayed Phacha High School

“This short experience provided a real insight into the life in Afghanistan and was a profoundly moving and emotional experience for me,” said Capt Vickie Smallwood from Great Britain.

Their experience provided a better understanding of why they are in Afghanistan: to do their job well, make the ISAF mission work and help build a better future for the Afghan people.

There are 520 pupils at Shaid Sayed Phacha High School ranging from age six to 21 with only 14 teachers to provide the education. Only the principle himself has a teaching degree.

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