08 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-600

Joint ISAF and ANA Operation disrupts insurgents in Zhari District

ANA and ISAF soldiers worked together to disrupted insurgencies activities.

Kabul, Afghanistan - A joint ISAF and Afghan operation aimed at disrupting an insurgent cell responsible for planting IEDs and staging ambushes against ISAF and Afghan forces was successfully completed October 27th in the Zhari District.

The two-day operation, known as Operation ARTASH was launched in the area around Howz-e-Medad. ISAF and Afghan National Army troops worked hand-in-hand, with the support of other coalition assets, to seize several compounds that were suspected to be used by insurgents as a staging ground for their activities.

Under cover of darkness, Canadian armoured vehicles from Mike Company began blazing a trail into the location while ANA and ISAF soldiers from November Company and the Operational Mentoring Liaison Team (OMLT) discretely approached from a different direction. At first light the ANA and ISAF soldiers seized the compounds without resistance and called upon military working dog teams and engineers to clear the compounds for any potential threats. Many items commonly used to make IED's, small arms ammunition, medical supplies as well as a small quantity of uniforms and cash were discovered in the area.

Major Rob McBride, the Officer Commanding November Company explained, "The success of this operation is two-fold. Not only have we disrupted a specific group of insurgents responsible for making IEDs, we have also proven once again that we are able to work effectively side-by-side with the ANA to assert our presence in this area and deny the insurgents the freedom to carry out their activities."

Later that morning, Afghan and ISAF soldiers came under fire from several insurgents who had moved into the area. The exchange of gunfire, however, lasted only a few minutes. "I think the insurgents were surprised to see such a powerful response from our presence on the ground," said Maj. McBride. "That also goes a long way to reminding them that we will continue to conduct deliberate operations alongside the Afghan National Security Forces against any insurgents who are a threat to ISAF, the ANSF and the people of Afghanistan."

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