08 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-598

Suspected insurgent leaders arrested in Uruzgan

Kabul, Afghanistan - ISAF forces arrested Haji Mullah Shahabudin and two of his sons, Andalib and Ishadullah in their compound near Kalah Kalah, close to Chora in Uruzgan province.

Haji Mullah Shahabudin is known as a ‘judge and cleric’ insurgent and was still acting as a judge for the insurgents. He is suspected of offering material support to his sons, and of undermining the legal authority of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

His son Ishadullah, also known as Mullah Rasheed, was previously detained for armed robbery of a bus at a check-point, and was subsequently incarcerated in the Tarin Kowt National Defence Service prison.

Both the arrested sons are suspected of fighting against Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition Forces, under command of the third brother, Najibullah, a known insurgent commander in the Chora area. Najibullah fled the scene before ISAF troops were able to apprehend him.

All three detainees have been transferred to Kabul and handed over to the NDS authorities. Currently they remain in NDS custody.

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