03 Nov. 2008
PR# 2008-584

Australians teach carpentry skills to local Afghans

Private Duncan Stamp, a Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force One carpenter, helps Afghan instructors during a carpentry project at the Trade Training School.

KABUL, Afghanistan - Australian Army soldiers with Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force One have been teaching construction skills to the locals Afghans at the Trade Training School in Kamp Holland since October.

The Trade Training School, which has been in existence since September 2006, teaches the local youth of Tarin Kowt in the basics of plumbing, painting, tiling, carpentry and advanced construction.

“This is a good program; there is no opportunity for the Afghans to conduct their own training and there is no other vocational school in the area,” said Cpl. Michael A. Cole, Trade Training School 2nd in command. “Unless they have a family member who is a carpenter or plumber, they are not going to get the training.”

“The more people we get learning skills here, the bigger the impact out in town,” added Cole.

The Trade Training School provides a more stable economy and helps out the local population. It gives the youth an alternative avenue of education, so they can learn a trade and go back out in town to get employed.

“It has been going good. Most of the students come to learn,” said Cole. “A lot of things are new to them and they are very enthusiastic and hard workers. We just hope they can keep up that work effort once they leave.”

The Australians are helping the International Security Assistance Force in assisting the Afghan government in extending and exercising its authority and influence across the country, creating the conditions for stabilization and reconstruction.

“It’s good teaching,” said a Trade Training School Afghan instructor. “We want the students to rebuild Afghanistan and help our community."

“I want every Afghan to help ISAF and the Australians to help rebuild Afghanistan and stop all of the terrorism,” added the instructor. “ISAF is here to rebuild Afghanistan and help our people.”

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