31 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-575

Uruzgan governor builds on success

Uruzgan Governor Assadullah Hamdam talks with elders in the Mirabad Valley here. They discussed how to continue following the recent success of Operation Bor Barakai.

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KABUL, Afghanistan - Uruzgan Governor Assadullah Hamdam took the opportunity following the recent success of Operation Bor Barakai (Tornado) to enhance the influence of the Afghan authorities in the Mirabad Valley.

Operation Bor Barakai was a week-long joint mission with more than a thousand Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers sweeping the Mirabad area to reduce insurgent influence and improve security.

The governor hosted several shuras and met with representatives from the valley, where he stressed that the eviction of the insurgents and the lessening of their influence offers a good starting point to build a more secure future.

During the meetings, the governor said, “The stability and security in the region is not only the responsibility of the authorities and the Afghan National Security Forces but the duty of the population of the area.” He added, “Reporting insurgent activities is a good example of the cooperation between the local population and the Afghan authorities.”

Governor Hamdam also explained that the possibility of implementing reconstruction and development projects is better when the environment is safe and secure. ISAF’s Provincial Reconstruction Team and the Ministry of Development will play an important role in liaising with the population. Therefore, the elders will survey the needs and agree upon what can be implemented.

The aim of Operation Bor Barakai was to extinguish the influence of the insurgents in the area and to enhance the authority of the Afghan government.

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