28 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-567

Chora district receives two new leaders

Uruzgan Governor Hamdam addresses elders during a shura in Chora district. During the official shura, the governor announced the names of the district’s new chief and new chief of police.

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KABUL, Afghanistan - During an official shura in Chora district, Uruzgan, 27 October, a ceremony took place to nominate two new leaders.

Mohammed Daoud was named district chief, and Pay Mohammed was chosen as the district chief of police.

The official nomination was done by the Uruzgan Governor Assadullah Hamdam made the official nomination. Colonel Kees Matthijssen, commander of Task Force Uruzgan, and Peter Mollema, the Netherlands minister of foreign affairs, attended the ceremony.

For a considerable period of time, there were no officials in Chora district. Rozi Khan was elected last spring and officially appointed in September, but sadly died shortly afterwards. With the appointment of his son, Mohammed Daoud, official government authority is again in place in Chora.

Many tribal and village elders attended the ceremony. Governor Hamdam emphasized the importance of these officials to improve the administration and the governance. He also mentioned that both men were personally appointed by President Karzai for those specific tasks and that they are supported by the local population.

"With these two strong leaders in place, a step forward has been made to improve the security and the stability of Chora district,” said Governor Hamdam."

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