27 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-563

Afghan, Pakistan military, ISAF discuss border security

Members of the Border Security Sub-Committee Meeting pose for a photo. From the left, they are Afghan Brigadier General Patyani, chief of staff for the 205th Corps; Pakistani Brigadier General Amjad, director of military operations; Major General Lessard, commander of ISAF’s Regional Command-South; Major General Wahdat, regional chief of police; and Afghan Colonel Sharif, deputy commander 3rd Zone Afghan Border Police. (ISAF photo)

KABUL, Afghanistan - The Border Security Sub-Committee Meeting (BSSM) met at Kandahar Airfield 27 October.

Afghan, Pakistan military and ISAF discussed a variety of topics including improving communication and cooperation on border issues between Pakistan and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

Major General Lessard, commander of ISAF’s Regional Command-South, hosted the event.

“Regional Command-South was delighted to host this important meeting between representatives of the Pakistan military, the Afghan National Security Force and the International Security Assistance Force. It was the second such meeting in five weeks for the southern region,” Major General Lessard said. “Not only were the discussions useful for information sharing and the enhancement of cross border, communication and procedures, they were extremely frank and cordial.”

“We [the] ANSF [along with] ISAF [and] Pakistani border security forces work closely together to find a solution to the border problems,” said Afghan Brigadier General Paytani, chief of staff of the 205th Corps. “This meeting remains very important to the ANSF and our joint cooperation must continue.”

“Both Afghanistan and Pakistan suffer attacks from insurgents based in the border districts, and so it is vital that we make real progress in enhancing border security cooperation and coordination,” said Regional Chief of Police Major General Wahdat. “The stability in Afghanistan is as important as the stability in Pakistan and vice versa.”

The meeting was positive and productive. The Afghanistan and Pakistan delegations were united in their desire to increase their efforts and pursue and defeat extremists operating in the border districts.

The BSSM is a sub-committee of the Tripartite Commission. It takes place about every two months, and the meeting is held alternately in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The purpose of a BSSM is to coordinate cross border security efforts between ANSF, ISAF and their counterparts in Pakistan.

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