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27 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-562

Operation “Tornado” storms through Uruzgan

Afghan children welcome ISAF soldiers during a joint Afghan and ISAF operation against insurgents the Mirabad area here.

KABUL, Afghanistan - More than a thousand Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and ISAF soldiers have swept through the Mirabad area, Uruzgan province in a successful operation against insurgents.

Code-named Operation Bor Barakai (Pashtun for “tornado”), the week-long operation saw Afghan, Dutch, British, Australian and French units working together in an effort to reduce insurgent influence and improve security.

The joint unit recovered enough homemade explosives to make more than 40 roadside bombs, and a large quantity of small arms, grenades and other munitions.

Soldiers with a joint Afghan and ISAF unit meet with local leaders in the Mirabad area here. The soldiers were conducting a joint Afghan and ISAF operation against insurgents in the area. (ISAF photo by Dutch Sergeant Dave de Vaal)

Led by the Task Force Uruzgan Commander Colonel Kees Matthijssen, the operation was designed to interrupt enemy attacks against local people, ANSF and ISAF troops. One major cache of 650 kilograms of explosives and components was found by the security forces.

Afghan people generally responded positively to the ANSF and ISAF presence, taking part in various shuras where elders discussed the security situation and their vision for the future.

Uruzgan Provincial Governor Hamdam personally arranged two shuras, where he announced that he was dedicated to improving security for the development of the local villages.

As the ANSF continues to patrol the area, Afghan authorities are working with the local ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team and the foreign affairs office to conduct consultations on the delivery of development and reconstruction projects.

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