22 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-552

Rahmadin Debiazor’s story

KABUL, Afghanistan — Rahmadin Debiazor is a brave 11-year-old Afghan boy. He was injured Aug. 27 during combat action between insurgents and Afghan forces near his village, Bala Murgab, Baghdis.

Luckily, ISAF forces in the area were able to save his life. Thanks to a paramedic, he was operated on immediately in the field. He was stabilized then evacuated to an ISAF medical facility in Herat.

One bullet had gone through Rahmadin’s stomach and was lodged near his spinal column. After the initial surgery, he had to be moved to an ISAF hospital in Mazar el Sharif, where he was successfully operated on again, in order to remove the bullet.

He remained at the hospital until Oct. 18 then moved back to Herat. He finally returned home Oct. 21. He was accompanied by his father, who after a long time, could finally smile again.

At the ISAF clinic in Herat, the Spanish and Bulgarian staff, who saved the boy’s life, will always remember Rahmadin’s story.

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