19 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-545

The people of Afghanistan will win themselves a brighter future

KABUL, Afghanistan - In a statement today, Brig. General Richard Blanchette, the ISAF Spokesperson, reinforced his characterization of the prospect for success in Afghanistan, in light of comments inaccurately attributed to the ISAF Spokesperson.

“The insurgency will not win. The people of Afghanistan have told the world they do not want the Taliban back, or another substitute extremist regime.  Hence, the Afghan people have welcomed the international community under a United Nations mandate to support them in their fight for a brighter future,” he said. 

“Action to secure Afghanistan against the insurgency is now increasingly led by Afghan National Security Forces.  For these consistently successful military operations to bear fruit for the Afghan people, where military forces have created areas of security, good governance and development must follow.  Security forces can facilitate these efforts, but neither lead nor direct them. " 

“Winning in Afghanistan must be defined in Afghan terms – a real sense of security, viable governance that meets the people’s needs and allows them to choose their own future, and the prospect of economic independence,” he continued.

“This process requires leadership from the democratically-elected Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, supported by coordinated and substantial resources and capacity from the wider International Community."

“There is no purely military solution here.  Ultimately the solution to the insurgency must be a political one, and a solution that is Afghan and Afghan led.  Any reconciliation efforts are solely the in the hands of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and we are supportive of these efforts if they contribute to better security and freedoms for Afghans. "

“The people of Afghanistan will win a better future for their children.  The cruel, dishonourable, indiscriminate and violent tactics of fear and intimidation used by the insurgents will not prevail.  The Afghan people have the freedom of choice, and they have chosen peace.  We will support the Afghan people for as long as we are welcome.”

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