16 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-536

Afghan, Pakistani Army and ISAF hold tripartite meeting

KABUL, Afghanistan - The 24th Tripartite Commission Meeting was held October 15 in Islamabad, Pakistan, between the Pakistani and Afghan army Chiefs of Staff, and the Commander of ISAF; each were accompanied by their Chiefs of Operations.

They met to discuss areas of mutual interest and to foster cooperation in providing security to the peoples of Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly in the tribal border areas between the two countries.

This is the second Tripartite meeting, between Generals McKiernan, Kayani, and Bismullah Khan. General McKiernan said "On both occasions, we have walked away with a better common picture and strategy against an insurgency threat that seeks to capitalize on any seam between our respective efforts.  We must close those seams and work together to give the insurgents no place to hide."

He added, "Anytime we can get the Chiefs of Staff of the countries' neighbouring armies together to discuss security is time well spent. Forums like these are invaluable; listening to our colleagues' points of view leads to better understanding, which ultimately leads to better cooperation and coordination. We look forward to continuing the dialogue regularly at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.”

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