14 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-533

ISAF accidently injures rider who fails to stop at checkpoint

KABUL, Afghanistan - In the morning of October 14, ISAF soldiers followed escalation of force procedures when a motorcycle approached a vehicle checkpoint near an ISAF base in Sangin district, Helmand.

When the rider failed to stop, an ISAF soldier fired a warning shot, which ricocheted off the ground and hit the man in the foot.

ISAF personnel took the man back to the base, a doctor assessed the injury, after which the rider went to Bost Hospital in Lashkar Gah for further treatment.

ISAF makes every effort to minimise the risk of any, injury or loss of life to civilians or damage to property in the course of its operations.

    Our soldiers are trained to take appropriate steps to minimize civilian casualties, whilst taking action to protect themselves when threatened.  Incidents such as this are very regrettable.

    ISAF runs frequent public service announcements and advertising campaigns aimed at keeping the local population informed about the need to follow the directions given by guards at checkpoints and gates.

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