14 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-531

ISAF condemns assassination of Kandahar government official

KABUL, Afghanistan - The following statement is issued on behalf of Brigadier General Denis Thompson, commander of ISAF’s Task Force Kandahar, and Elissa Golberg, representative of Canada in Kandahar.

"On behalf of the government of Canada and ISAF, we strongly condemn the cowardly and senseless killing of Dost Mohammad Arghestani."

“Dost Mohammad Arghestani was working to advance social affairs and the cause of disabled citizens in Kandahar. This reprehensible act clearly demonstrates the insurgents' contempt for the people of Afghanistan. " 

“It is our belief that the brave citizens of Kandahar province will not be shaken by these futile attempts to undermine the progress being made towards peace, security and development. ISAF and Canada are committed to supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Afghan National Security Forces in the struggle against the violence, oppression and intimidation of the insurgency.”

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