12 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-526

ANSF, ISAF forces successfully disrupt insurgent leadership, supply lines in Panjwayi

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF soldiers conducted security operations aimed at disrupting insurgent leadership and supply lines in eastern Panjwayi district, Kandahar, 2-10 October.

During the operations, which took place near Nakhonay, ANSF and ISAF forces seized heavy weaponry, ammunition and vast quantities of insurgent medical supplies. Substantial quantities of explosives and components used for making roadside bombs were also seized and destroyed.

"Afghan forces have seized considerable caches of insurgent supplies, bomb-making material and weapons," said General Zazai, the commander of Afghan National Army’s 205th Corps. "We fully expected to find these caches, and the insurgent capability to operate will be impacted and public safety improved as a result of the efforts of the ANSF and ISAF."

The joint military forces arrived in the area via air and ground movement, catching the insurgent forces off-guard. The insurgents abandoned their weapons and infrastructure, and fled without any resistance.

"As a result of these operations, the people of Nakhonay have an increased level of confidence in the capabilities of the Afghan National Army," said Brigadier General Denis Thompson, commander of ISAF’s Task Force Kandahar. "Afghan forces were instrumental in the planning and execution of this mission, and when they arrived in Nakhonay, the insurgents dropped their weapons and fled."

ISAF reminds the citizens of Kandahar province that they can play a significant role in securing a better future for themselves, their families and for all of Afghanistan. Criminal activity can anonymously be reported to the Afghan National Security Forces by calling 0700 377 591. Every call will make a difference.

"Afghan and ISAF forces' ability to detect covert insurgent activity concealed within the local population is constantly improving," said General Abdul Qayum, director of the National Directorate of Security for Kandahar. "There are few places where the insurgents can rest and reconstitute their forces, because increasingly we can find and disrupt them — anywhere, anytime."

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