11 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-523

ISAF defends World Food Programme convoy from attack, kills two insurgents

KABUL, Afghanistan - Insurgents attacked a World Food Programme convoy in Jawand district, Badghis this morning. Escorting ISAF forces defended the convoy.

When insurgents attacked, ISAF forces returned fire and advanced on the insurgent position. Arriving at the scene of the attack, the ISAF soldiers found two insurgents dead, about six motorcycles destroyed and some abandoned rocket-propelled grenades.

These enemies of Afghanistan, by attempting to disrupt the delivery of food to ordinary Afghans in the greatest need and by attempting to confiscate their property on the highway have demonstrated their total distain for the very people they claim to serve.

The World Food Programme is the UN’s organisation to fight hunger and is currently in Afghanistan with the primary goal to provide 1,010,000 metric tonnes of food aid to Afghans from between January 2006 and December 2009. The programme primarily delivers food to Afghans in remote, rural areas.

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