10 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-518

Rocket attack on base, one suspected insurgent killed

KABUL, Afghanistan - On the morning of 9 October, ISAF forces at FOB TORA in Sawrobi district came under rocket attack. A number of people were seen observing the FOB from a variety of positions.

This had not occurred in the recent past and was considered unusual. A Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was deployed from the FOB to check the identities of the individuals, investigate the reason for their presence and to establish the probable point of attack.

During this search, a Local National who had been suspected of observing the FOB was ordered to stop by the QRF but refused to comply with a verbal warning. He then tried to escape. Warning shots were fired and one hit the man who subsequently died of his wounds.

A medical evacuation procedure was immediately carried out. The Local National was first moved to FOB TORA after which he was further evacuated by ISAF helicopter to Camp Warehouse. At that location, a military medical team did their very best to save his life however he died early in the afternoon. Given that an EOD team found traces of military explosives on his clothing, ISAF is continuing to try to determine his potential role in the attack.

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