9 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-516

ISAF closes outpost in Gowardesh Valley

KABUL, Afghanistan - International Security Assistance Forces closed a non-essential Combat Outpost in the Gowardesh valley in the Konar province October 9.

ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces, in conjunction with the Ministries of Defense and Interior, are repositioning units to better protect the Afghan people, while still securing the border and maintaining freedom of movement within Afghanistan.  Progress throughout the country has made this post no longer essential. 

Repositioning forces is normal business for ISAF, in order to allow social, economic and governmental development. 

The outpost, which sat above the Gowardesh village near the Pakistan border, had been scheduled for closure for several months.  It was originally established to show a presence in the area and deter illegal border crossings.

The closing of the outpost will not affect the fight against insurgent activity in this area.  Moving these assets will enhance ISAF capabilities to more effectively deal with the insurgency.

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