5 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-514

ISAF Forces bring medical care to local villagers in Zabul Province

KABUL, Afghanistan - Medical personnel from the ISAF Task Force Zabul and the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Zabul recently teamed up to bring much needed medical care to Jarullah village in Zabul province during a visit on 2 October.

Zabul PRT doctors and medics, who have been in the province since March, mentored their Romanian counterparts in the 30th Mountain Battalion, from TFZ, during their first Village Medical Outreach since arriving in country.

“We’ve been here for three months, and this was our first medical mission,” said Romanian Maj. Daniel Aron, a doctor with the 30th Mountain Battalion. “It went really well. Working with the PRT team was great and now I’m comfortable going out with just my team for future missions.”

“It is very good to have the joint forces here to help our village people,” said Haji Rhmat Ullah, Jarullah village elder. “The people from this village are very poor and they need medical treatment; they need medicine.”

The joint team visited Jarullah on the last day of Eid ul-Fitr, which is the three-day celebration following the month of Ramadan, and treated about 50 men, women and children.  “Our medical team has no previous experience in treating local villagers,” said Aron. “So, this was a very good experience with our PRT colleagues and we worked very well together. I was really impressed with the mission today and especially enjoyed interacting with the children.”

The joint team treated individual complaints and gave vitamins to the children.

While Aron and his staff were treating villagers, the 30th Mountain Battalion commander met with village elders. Afterwards, the Romanians provided villagers with humanitarian assistance from “Save the Children,” a Romanian charity.

“This mission was a huge success and provided me with an opportunity to work with and show another female medic how VMOs are accomplished,” said Senior Airman Felicita Torres-Perkins, a Zabul PRT medic. “ISAF has dozens of countries working together to rebuild Afghanistan--Any opportunity the PRT has to work with our ISAF partners is beneficial to our mission here.”

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