5 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-513

ISAF captures senior Taliban commander

KABUL, Afghanistan - Without firing a shot, ISAF soldiers captured a suspected senior Taliban commander in Uruzgan during the very early morning of 1 October.

Mullah Sakhi Dad and one other insurgent were captured at a compound in Tarin Kowt district.

Reports have linked Sakhi Dad with the ordering and coordination of suicide bombers in Uruzgan province. Suicide bombers are alleged to have often reported directly to him and would not conduct their attacks without his permission.

In addition to leading a significant number of Taliban fighters, information received by ISAF has implicated Sakhi Dad in the distribution of mines, gunpowder and IED components throughout the province and the kidnappings of Afghan civilians. Sakhi Dad is also understood to be connected to Taliban leadership, especially Mullah Berader Akhund, the Taliban’s second in command.

Ministry of Interior spokesperson Zamari Basheri said, “Sakhi Dad was given the opportunity to reconcile his actions and be at peace with the Afghan people, but he went against his word and re-commenced attacks on innocent Afghan civilians.”

“It appears that Mullah Sakhi Dad dishonoured his agreement and began facilitating insurgent attacks once again,” said Brigadier General Richard Blanchette, ISAF spokesperson. “He has been turned over to the Afghan authorities.  Should he be found guilty, there will be one less criminal to threaten the peace and security of Afghanistan.”

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