4 Oct. 2008
PR# 2008-512

ANSF and ISAF join forces to help wounded Afghans following insurgent attack in Kandahar Province

KABUL, Afghanistan - An ANA Air Corps medical and re-enforcement mission reached GHORAK DC on October 3 after the location had been attacked October 2 by insurgent forces. The two helicopters, crewed by ANA pilots, delivered a force of ANP to strengthen the manpower already on the ground.

The helicopters returned to their base at Kandahar International Airport carrying 9 injured, including ANP and local national civilians.  On arrival these personnel were admitted to the ISAF Role 3 hospital where they are currently receiving medical care.

Also on board the helicopters were more than 30 women and children who had requested evacuation.  Upon their arrival at Kandahar Airfield, the Provincial Chief of Police directed local ANP to take the women and children into their care.

Afghan MOD Spokesperson General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, Afghan MOI Spokesperson Mr Zamari Basheri and ISAF Spokesman Brigadier-General Richard Blanchette joined together in saying:

“This operation shows the growing capability of the ANA Air Corps to respond to the needs of fellow government forces.  It is a fantastic example of the close cooperation between the ANA, ANP and ISAF to deliver support and aid wherever it is needed in the region, including the use of Afghan air assets.”

“The attack on the GHORAK DC, which has resulted in innocent civilians being wounded and forced to escape for fear of the insurgent activity, shows the cowardly and dishonourable actions of the enemy of Afghanistan.”

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