22 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-497

Insurgents fail to observe UN Day of Peace

KABUL, Afghanistan - Following their declarations of commitment to observe a Day of Peace yesterday in support of the United Nations, GIRoA and ISAF both honoured their commitment to the people of Afghanistan in full.

Throughout the 24 hour period from midnight on Saturday September 20 until midnight last night, Sunday 21 September, the ANSF and ISAF forces ceased all offensive operations against the insurgents but remained ready to act if forced to do so as they had stated they would.

Regrettably but not unsurprisingly, the criminal insurgents did not honour their own declaration of support for the Day of Peace, given in a statement on Friday September, 19 and instead chose to show their contempt for peace by attacking and killing ANP and ANA members, and kidnapping innocent Afghan civilians.  From shortly after midnight on Saturday there were 28 recorded incidents across the country during the Peace Day, to many of which the ANSF and ISAF were forced to respond to maintain the safety of the civilian population.

In Dahana-I-Ghuri, Baghlan a police officer was killed by small arms fire and in Sangin, Helmand province a soldier of the Afghan National Army was also shot dead.  In Bala Buluk, Farah province there was an as yet unconfirmed report that as many as 131 innocent civilians had been kidnapped.

Once again, the insurgents have demonstrated their contempt for the democratically elected Government rule of law and stability in Afghanistan and their total distain for the safety and fundamental right of the Afghan people to live in peace.

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