20 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-493

ISAF reluctantly kills civilian

KABUL, Afghanistan — An ISAF patrol reluctantly shot and killed a civilian who failed to yield to warnings to stop Sept. 20 in Sangin district, Helmand.

The incident began when a civilian approached an ISAF foot patrol. The patrol gave verbal warnings asking for the civilian to stop. When the civilian failed to stop, the patrol fired two warning shots. The civilian still failed to stop. Fearing a suicide bomber, the patrol targeted the civilian and fired one round wounding the civilian. Even with immediate first aid, the civilian later died from that wound.

“No matter the cause, we deeply regret the loss of any life,” said Brigadier General Richard Blanchette, ISAF spokesperson. “We are deeply saddened by this event, and our thoughts are with this civilian’s bereaved family.”

ISAF reminds civilians to please comply with the requests of patrols, especially when asked or signalled to stop. Failing to yield or making rapid advancements toward a patrol can appear to be hostile and result in the patrol using lethal force in self defence.

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