19 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-492

ISAF to support GIRoA on UNAMA Peace Day

KABUL, Afghanistan — Following President Karzai’s announcement that in honour of the UNAMA Peace day, he has ordered the Afghan National Army to refrain from offensive operations against insurgents, General David McKiernan, Commander ISAF, has also instructed all ISAF forces in Afghanistan to do the same.

ISAF is working in support of the Government of Afghanistan under a United Nations mandate to help bring peace and stability to Afghanistan and the Afghan people. In support of the UNAMA Peace day ISAF forces will not engage in offensive operations from midnight on Saturday 20 Sept. until midnight on 21 Sept. 08.

In order to meet the intent of the mandate granting body, the United Nations, ISAF Commanders and units will maintain appropriate force protection to safeguard personnel and installations. The constraint on offensive operations in no way effects force protection measures. Commanders are approved to conduct normal framework operation patrolling to maintain security presence and key leader engagement throughout their areas of operation.

The insurgents must be in no doubt that ISAF will defend itself and the people of Afghanistan from offensive action by the enemies of Afghanistan. This has been agreed by the Government of Afghanistan and ISAF as a show of their mutual intent to bring peace to Afghanistan and an end to the insurgency that threatens to undermine the future peace and prosperity of the Afghan nation.

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