14 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-483

ISAF commander condemns insurgents for violence

KABUL, Afghanistan - General David McKiernan, ISAF commander, has condemned the insurgents for recent acts of violence targeted at civilians.

A suicide bomber killed three and wounded five representatives of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan in Kandahar province September 14. Later the same day in that province, another insurgent explosion killed a deputy district chief. Also, in Kabul September 13, an insurgent improvised explosive device (IED) killed four members of the Afghan government including the Governor of Lowgar province.

“The insurgents have no concern for innocent civilians, regardless of nationality, who are only here to help Afghans rebuild their country,” General McKiernan said. “Instead of joining their fellow citizens to make the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan a strong and proud nation, these enemies of Afghanistan only wish to intimidate. Their desire to undermine the Afghan and international community cannot be tolerated and is proof that they have no meaningful contribution in the future of this nation.”

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