09 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-471

Air dropped weapon malfunctions in Khowst, killing and wounding civilians

KABUL, Afghanistan - An air launched weapon dropped from an ISAF aircraft today in Khowst, has accidentally killed 2 civilians and wounded up to 10 others.

ISAF forces on the ground had called in an airstrike on an identified insurgent rocket firing position near the Zambar district center in Sabari, Khowst, when the mishap occurred at about 10.30am. When released, the weapon suffered a serious malfunction and missed its intended target by more than 2.5 kilometers impacting on a qalat.

ISAF immediately notified Afghan government and provincial officials about the accident and is in the process of putting together a site exploitation team consisting of medical and ordinance experts to evaluate wounded, if necessary, and prevent further damage to any additional personnel in the ordinance impact area.

An immediate investigation into the cause of the incident has been launched and further details will be forthcoming once established.

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