04 Sep. 2008
PR# 2008-459

ISAF shoots civilian who ran toward patrol, failed to stop

KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF soldiers followed all escalation of force procedures when an Afghan man ran toward their ground patrol in Sangin district, Helmand, September 4.

Following a warning shot, the man continued to run toward the patrol at which time the ISAF patrol perceived him as a possible suicide bomber and shot him, wounding the man. After safely determining the man was not a threat, the ISAF patrol evacuated him to Camp Bastion for medical care.

No further details are available at this time as the incident is being investigated.

ISAF makes every effort to minimise the risk of any damage, injury or loss of life to civilians in the course of its operations in Afghanistan.

ISAF soldiers are trained to take appropriate steps to minimize civilian casualties, whilst at the same time taking action to protect themselves when threatened. Incidents such as this are regrettable.

ISAF runs frequent public service announcements and advertising campaigns aimed at keeping the local population informed about the need to maintain a safe distance from ISAF convoys as they travel throughout the region and to not make rapid advancements, which can appear to be hostile, toward ISAF forces.

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