31 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-443

U.S. joins Canadians in Kandahar

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Second Battalion of the Second Regiment of the First Infantry Division of the United States Army - known as 2-2 Infantry - has been placed under the operational control of Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, the Commander of Task Force Kandahar, by the Commander of Regional Command (South). 2-2 Infantry was declared ready for operations and assumed responsibility for their designated area of operations in Kandahar Province August 27.

The arrival of 2-2 Infantry in Kandahar Province represents an augmentation of approximately 800 additional troops.  They will be used to improve the security situation so reconstruction, development and good governance can take place, and the everyday lives of the local population can be improved. 

"The addition of 2-2 Infantry to our team will have a real impact on the insurgency and on the overall security picture here," said Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, who commands the ISAF task force operating in Kandahar Province.  "These additional troops will be operating in Maywand District, an area that is a key logistics hub for the movement of insurgent fighters, arms and money," he said. 

The battalion will work closely with Afghan leaders and security forces to disrupt insurgent activity in the district.  The improvement of security in this critical area will then allow for more development and governance work to occur.  All of this should serve to increase the local population's confidence in their government, and make it easier for the people to reject the insurgency.

"Our mission is to bring enduring security to Maywand District," said Lt. Col Daniel Hurlbut, Commanding Officer of 2-2 Infantry.  "We are speaking with key leaders and the people of Maywand District to ensure we are respectful of their plans for the future of the area, and we are enlisting their support to ensure our security operations are a success," he said.

"2-2 Infantry are a well-trained and professional force who are up to this challenge," said Brigadier-General Thompson.  "I am confident that they will be successful in further disrupting and isolating the insurgents from the local population as they work alongside Afghan security forces to improve the lives of Afghans," he said.

The strategy in Afghanistan is an effective and proven approach to counter-insurgency - to prove to the Afghan people that their best interest lies with the 'Rule of Law' and not with the repressive and cruel ways of the Taliban.

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