30 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-441

Governor donates vehicles

KABUL, Afghanistan --The governor of Farah province recently donated 19 motorcycles, eight cars and two trucks to his government officials.  The vehicles were funded by PRT Farah.

Since taking charge of the province three months ago, Governor Rahool Amin has vowed to get his line directors out of the city and into the districts to meet their constituents face to face, and this vehicle donation is a major step toward increasing their mobility.

Governor Rahool Amin specifically requested used vehicles from the PRT instead of new vehicles, stating that a new vehicle is a luxury, and Farah province cannot afford luxuries.  “Instead of getting one new vehicle, we can get two or three used ones. In Farah we don’t have good roads. Whether we use new or used vehicles, they will only last the same amount of time, one or two years,” he said.

The vehicles will improve government efficiency in Farah, since the line directors must currently travel by foot or by public transportation, a dangerous and time consuming endeavour. 

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