20 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-417

Czech PRT launches fourteen new development projects in Logar

KABUL, Afghanistan - The Czech Republic-led Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar announced fourteen new development projects at a bidders’ conference held August 19 at FOB Shank, Pole Alam.  The projects range in scope from the reconstruction of roads and bridges to the extensive retrofit of the Surchab dam.

“Our people are happy that the PRT helps us and we are ready to assist and support the construction companies which will undertake the projects,” Mr. Hakim Abdul, head of the Provincial Council said during the meeting with the civilian part of the PRT. Following a number of consultations with local players, assessments and consequently the bidders’ conference, the Czechs will chose the Afghan companies that will undertake the reconstruction. Work on the projects will start within one month.

Besides the extensive retrofit of Surchab dam, the only working dam in Logar province, four water and irrigation structures will be repaired. “We have chosen these projects after discussion about priorities with the local directorate of Ministry of Water and Irrigation and consultations with our local partners,” said Petr Kavka, the civil engineer of the PRT. 

Reconstruction of three roads and several bridges as well as surveys of the reconstruction roads are among the new development projects prepared by the Czechs and their Afghan partners.

Water and irrigation, as well as support of agriculture and education are the priorities of the Czech PRT in Logar province. The team has already assisted the people in Logar with the reconstruction of six schools and the construction of two health clinics. The donation of solar dryers and the refurbishment of two water structures is among the other ongoing projects of the team, which consists of eight civilian experts and 200 Czech soldiers.

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