19 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-408

Six suicide bombers die in unsuccessful attack on U.S. base in Khowst Province

KABUL, Afghanistan - Seven insurgents, six of which were suicide bombers, are dead after an unsuccessful second attack on a U.S. base in Khowst Province on August 19. Forces from the base interdicted the insurgent attack approximately 1,000 meters outside of the base perimeter.

ISAF forces on the base had before identified a group of insurgents posturing to attack the base and engaged them with small arms fire. Helicopters arrived on station soon after and engaged these insurgents as they attempted to flee from the scene.

Three of the insurgents killed themselves by detonating their suicide vests. ISAF forces killed three other suicide bombers before they could detonate their vests. There were no ISAF casualties in the attack.

Today’s attack follows multiple attempted vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) attacks on the base yesterday, where insurgents detonated a car, prepared with explosives, outside the perimeter of the base, killing 10 Afghans and wounding another 13.

Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) identified and stopped a second VBIED just outside the base and performed a controlled detonation on it, preventing additional casualties.

A suspect alleged to be the driver of the second VBIED from yesterday’s failed attack on the base was detained by ANSF in Khowst.

ISAF wishes to praise the brave and professional actions by the ANSF in helping to deter these attacks.

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