18 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-405

Spanish-led PRT collaborates with local authorities to provide necessities for displaced families

KABUL, Afghanistan - The extreme drought this year has caused the displacement of hundred of families from their homes, looking for food and work. Lack of work and primary necessities force these families, left in their villages, to become refugees in their own country.

This year, Badghis province has suffered an extreme drought, making it even harder to live and subsist for many Afghan families. The Spanish-led PRT signed an agreement with local and provincial authorities to support and help these afghan families, who have lost all--except hope.

Provincial Governor, Ashraf Naseri and the Headquarters of Refugees and Displaced Director, Abdellah Moskwani, promised to his displaced to provide them work in exchange for food.

The PRT Team has worked jointly with the local government, through the Headquarters for Displaced and Refugees, to make several deliveries to the displaced families, providing them with supplies of food and blankets. 

The PRT also contributed more food, blankets, clothes, oil and sugar that were loaded in hired trucks and escorted by soldiers of the Afghan Army.

The job was completed and, for this time, mission accomplished, however, the PRT and local authorities will continue to develop quick and high-impact projects in order to assist the people of Afghanistan.

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