17 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-400

ISAF conducts Operation Shaitun Jaru

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF conducted Operation Shaitun Jaru to push anti-Afghan forces out of the Chawki Valley in the Kunar province August 13.

Operation Shaitun Jaru, which means “cleaning out the devils,” began in the afternoon of Aug. 13 using ground and air assets to clear the area and continued until the afternoon of Aug. 15.  ISAF soldiers discovered a weapons cache in the area during the operation.

ANSF and ISAF soldiers received minor resistance during the operation to include an insurgent attack on a vehicle patrol base in the area and an attack on ISAF helicopters. ANSF and ISAF responded with small arms fire, indirect fire and close air attack to fend off the insurgents, killing a few insurgents individuals and wounding several others. No ISAF soldiers were seriously injured during the operation.

Afghan National Army soldiers provided security during the operation while Afghan National Police went door-to-door in villages to speak with the people and distribute food and radios.

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