11 Aug. 2008
PR# 2008-382

ISAF refutes claims of civilian deaths during airstrike in TAGAB District

KABUL, Afghanistan - Following recent media reports of significant civilian casualties caused by an airstrike in the Tagab District of Kapisa Province, ISAF has now concluded a thorough investigation of the claim and has evidence that those killed were insurgents.

On August 9, ISAF troops were engaged by a group of insurgents in the Tagab District and withdrew after two of its soldiers were wounded. Afterwards, a surveillance aircraft observed the insurgents hide their weapons and change into different clothes. Still under observation, they then moved to an open field where they were attacked and killed by shots from an ISAF aircraft that had a clear line of fire. No innocent civilians were injured or killed.

ISAF conducts a detailed investigation on each occasion when allegations of civilian casualties are made. Insurgents consistently exaggerate claims of civilian casualties after any incident involving international forces.

ISAF rigorously controls the use of force to avoid civilian casualties.

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