07 Aug. 2008

PR# 2008-372

500 teachers graduate from new course in Ghowr

KABUL, Afghanistan - Ghowr province’s education department recently graduated 500 teachers in a first-of-its-kind course organized for future teachers in the province.

The 15-days of training in the Chagcharan Sultan Alamadin Ghori School covered theoretical aspects of teaching and practical exercises to help Afghan students improve their mathematical, chemistry and science knowledge.

Also, a lot of attention was given to working with the behaviour of children, such as speech style and eye contact.

ISAF’s Lithuanian Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) attended the graduation to congratulate the new teachers and the instructors.  The soldiers gave caps, pocketbooks and pens to the 51 instructors, five of them were women and 10 of them came from Kabul to teach classes. One instructor expressed his gratitude explaining that it is always a pleasure to get a present whether it is a pencil or a new school.

The head of the education department thanked the ISAF soldiers for supporting and helping improving the education system throughout Ghowr province with furniture, books, school materials, buildings and tents.

One of the key tasks for the PRT is to support the provincial government, ensure security and create a favourable environment for provincial restoration.

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