05 Aug. 2008

PR# 2008-365

French assume command of ISAF’s RC-Capital

General David McKiernan, ISAF commander, followed by General Michel Stollsteiner and Brigadier General Federico Bonato conduct a pass and review of the Italian and French forces

KABUL, Afghanistan - Regional Command Capital’s change of command ceremony took place at Camp Warehouse Aug. 5 between Italian Brigadier General Federico Bonato, commanding RC-Capital since Dec. 6, 2007, and French General Michel Stollsteiner.

During his speech, General Bonato thanked all the soldiers of RC-Capital and summarized the activities of the last eight months.

“I am really proud to have been your commander,” he said to the troops. “We carried out a lot of activities for the population; we increased the confidence among the locals, the [Afghan government] and ISAF.” He also stressed the close cooperation between RC-Capital and the Afghan National Security Force in improving security in the Kabul area.

RC-Capital troops worked with the local population constantly and comprehensively providing medical and veterinary activities, even in remote villages; realizing several projects like schools, clinics, hospitals; and increasing agriculture and preventing famine in rural areas.

At the end of ceremony General David McKiernan, ISAF commander, thanked the former RC-Capital commander underlining how much he appreciated General Bonato’s commitment to achieving a difficult mission. Then General McKiernan wished success to the new commander.

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