31 July 2008

PR# 2008-356

Lithuanian soldiers help families in Ghowr

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghans in Ghowr province, whose houses burned down several days ago in an accidental gas fire, received humanitarian aid from ISAF soldiers July 29.

One Afghan died in the blaze that wounded six others who are now being treated at the hospital in Chagcharan.

Lithuanian soldiers from the Chagcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team gave the village elder shoes, clothes, metal and plastic dishes, blankets and food.

“Of course, your good delivery will not re-build their burned houses, where they used to live for a long time. But, for sure, this support is the first steps toward building new houses,” said Mhadi, the spokesman of the village’s leader.

“I imagine Lithuanian families instead of Afghan ones, and this accident caused seventy-six people to stay without their home and their things,” said Lithuanian Major Ricardas Kazlauskas.

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