22 July 2008

PR# 2008-343

ANA, French to build bridge in Sarowbi, Kabul


KABUL, Afghanistan - Local citizens, Afghan government representatives and ISAF soldiers gathered in Dawlat Zahai village July 15 to place the first stones for a bridge in memory of a young boy who died last year.

To honour him, the villagers proposed the project of a bridge across the Kabul River in the Sarowbi district village. This bridge would make it easier for the villagers to cross the river for work, and local students would have a bodetter road to take for school.

The Hidarzada Construction Company was contacted to design and build this bridge, which will be finished in November.

Local citizens, civilian authorities from Sarowbi district, Afghan National Army soldiers, Afghan National Police officers, ISAF soldiers and coalition soldiers attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with the ANA religious officer, Brigadier General Qari Muheburaman, reading two quotes of the Holy Quran. The sub governor of Sarowbi, Qari Said Sulaiman, described the benefits of the bridge for the locals, saying that it would be of such assistance in their daily lives to have this bridge.

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