19 July 2008

PR# 2008-336

100 disadvantaged women find opportunity in Zabul


KABUL, Afghanistan - The Women’s Centre in Zabul province is a bustling place. More than 100 women fill its classrooms and workshops. Their expectations are high.

With the training they are receiving in literacy, tailoring, carpet weaving and poultry raising, these women will be able to significantly increase their families’ monthly income. For some women it is the difference between malnourishment and prosperity for their children.

The director of Women’s Affairs for Zabul province is responsible for creating, managing and staffing all of the courses run from the Women’s Centre. She looks proud as she explains the courses, which are currently under way, but she is quick to add that more needs to be done.

In the future she plans to expand the women’s training projects into other villages. These expanding the projects “will make it easier for women to access the training and then earn more money for their families,” she said.

The Zabul Women’s Centre is an example of the possibilities that exist for Afghans, men and women, when they have strong leadership and work together to accomplish a common aim. Training centres like this one are the key to a prosperous future for all Afghans.

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