16 July 2008

PR# 2008-322

ISAF rejects NURESTAN / KUNAR civilian casualty claim


KABUL, Afghanistan — ISAF has thoroughly investigated and rejects claims that ISAF forces killed 30 civilians in the NURESTAN/KUNAR area.

The claims originated in the media from the Nurestan Deputy Governor Abdul Malim and Ayatollah Khalil of Nurestan police headquarters who said that 30 civilians had reportedly been killed in the villages of Katgal and Nishgram on Monday, July 14. Our extensive investigation reveals that the closest airstrikes carried out were 43.1 km to the East of these villages.ISAF therefore rejects these claims as baseless.

ISAF always operates giving the highest importance to protecting civilians, and deeply regrets any instances where civilians are mistakenly injured or killed.

It should never be forgotten the insurgents use indiscriminate methods which inevitably lead to deaths of many innocent Afghans.

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