09 July 2008

PR# 2008-307

ANSF, ISAF killed a Taliban sub-commander today


KABUL, Afghanistan - A joint Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF unit killed a known Taliban sub-commander during an early morning operation today in Lowgar province.

Mohammed Daud Rahimi was the sub-commander of Taliban forces in Lowgar province. During the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, he was commander of the Guchi Fighters. More recently he has been known to recruit for the Taliban and employ Taliban fighters. He is has also known to have identified targets in Kabul to hit with suicide bombers and to transport suicide bombers including transporting them to Kabul.

During the operation, two others were wounded. The one female wounded was treated by a female medic on scene and released. The other person wounded and another individual are currently being detained after testing positive for recent contact with explosives.

Ammunition and an Afghan National Army uniform jacket were also found on the compound.

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